The February 3rd Rotary Club meeting featured the January "Students of the Month". Rob Geada explained how belonging to the marching band gave him confidence and created a family atmosphere to help him be successful in school. He was Drum Major this year and hopes he created the the same welcoming atmosphere for new band members this year. Nikki Santanakrishna has been captain of the diving, gymnastics and tennis teams. Participating is sports helped her learn time management and academic work in math and science helped her develop problems solving ability. She hopes to become a sports doctor. Nick Arena hopes to become a civil engineer. He was greatly influenced by his grandfather who enjoyed making furniture and by Mr. Greenfield, his Industrial Technology and Design teacher. He has learned that patience is important to success. Jennie Pisarik has been a three season runner. She credits coaches Jack Lang and Brian Crane for helping her to become well-rounded. She feels that she has learned how to be disciplined and to motivate others. She wants to major in Physical Therapy. Joseph Chen wants to be a computer science major in college. He learned that being in the orchestra helped him to learn collaboration in a diverse society and that it is important for everyone to make a contribution to the society, as a whole. Erin Lucey explained how she has greatly influenced by her father. He has been a very strong person despite his body being weakened by disease. He has stressed that she should follow her passion, as he did earlier in his life when he created a Chinese major at the University of Massachusetts and that allowed him to go to China to teach English. Erin has also learned a lot from her experiences in Model UN competition under the leadership of Mr. Greene.