Over 100 Chelmsford High School students volunteered to stay after school on Friday April 8th to package
over 12,000 meals for Stop Hunger now.  A small group of students began to set up the prduction lines at 9 a.m. and were joined by the rest of the students when school was dismissed at 10:30 a.m. (It was a half day).
       Each packet of food included soy, dried vegetables, rice and a packet of vitamins. Each packet feeds six people. The packets aare shipped to poverty areas throughout the world.  Ideally, they are distributed through
schools so students can be fed and attend school.  Without food, young people often leave school to work or steal to get food for themselves and their families.
        The Chelmsford Rotary funded the project and provided support.  Dawn Ferrari, Laurie Lahey,Tony Kalil,
Charles Keen and Al Thomas were there and press coverage was provided by The Chelmsford Independent, The Lowell Sun and Tom Christiano.