The Rotary Club of Chelmsford has announced that it
  has awarded scholarships to this year's Rotary Youth
  Leadership Awards (RYLA) Conference to be held in June
  at Fitchburg State University.  The those selected from a
  pool of 53 applicants include - Lindsy Ambrosino, Sydney
  Baron, Milani Behera, Manjusha Chava, Kacey Corbett,
  Brendan Corcoran, McKenzie Leahy, Abhinav
  Muraleedaran, Seyla Phan, Manognya Sripathi, Brian
  Tong, and Cassandra West.  Selected as alternates were
  Jimmy Burrill, Owen Busser, Brianna Chan, Gabrielle Cruz,
  Kate McQuaide, and Erin Sousa.
       The chosen students will be among some 180
  Massachusetts high school sophomores from 46 eastern
  Massachusetts Rotary clubs.  The conference will feature
  many thought-provoking events including interactive
  Leadership Labs, exciting guest speakers, and     
  challenging mental and physical activities.  Topics include
  decision-making, critical thinking, communicating                   
  effectively, ethics and public service.
       To be selected, candidates needed to qualify by                      
  showing leadership potential and good citizenship
  characteristics, and showing a strong desire to attend
  and benefit from the conference.  In their individual
  interviews, they needed to stand out from other