The club meeting on Monday was interesting.  David Lantagne of Heritage Construction was welcomed as a new member by President Patrick Kimera and membership chairman Leonard Doolan.  Selectwoman Pat Wojtas spoke to the members about the Chelmsford Military Covenant.  She thanked the club for the support given in the past and expressed hope for continued support in the future.  Leonard Doolan thanked people who supported the blood mobile last Thursday that resulted in the harvesting of over 100 pints.  President Kimera reminded board members of the meeting on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.
     There were two featured speakers.  Scott Graves, a member of the board of directors of "Every Person Has a
Story" (EPHAS), introduced G. Ryan Ansin to explain the program.  The organization was organized in 2010 and has developed a model that has been built and tested at some 32 sites in 12 countries. He focused on the recent work being done in Juba, the capital city of Southern Sudan.  The idea is to teach photography and skills in journalism using local people to run the curriculum.  The goal is to show the city and its people in a balanced way, focusing on daily life.
By doing so, the rest of the world can see the good that is taking place as well as the problems.  For the local population, the program can create employment opportunities.  Often, the images that are sent throughout the world are negative and not totally representative.
     The second speaker was Todd.  He spoke about happiness and the need to love yourself.  He explained that we are often driven by the need to achieve and sell out happiness for success.  People need to feel special and loved.  Instead, they are often mean to themselves and become addicted to their work.  It is, he said, hard to break that cycle.  What often works is to explain that, if one does not change, their children will be like them - unhappy.


     Application packets were made available in the Main Office of Chelmsford HIgh School for sophomores starting on Monday January 28th and will be due back in the Main Office on Friday February 8th.  Interviews will be scheduled for applicants on Wednesday February 13th and, if necessary, Friday February 15th.  IF YOU KNOW A HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORE, ENCOURAGE THEM TO APPLY!!

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