ImageLaurae Richards of "Servants For Haiti" made a presentation to the Rotary Club of Chemsford at their most recent meeting.  After visiting Haiti in 2000 and seeing the extreme poverty there, the organization was founded in 2005.  Today, the organization is committed to the long term recovery of the island through three programs.  First, they provide the people with instruction in starting a business and funding.  Initially, they can receive a loan ranging from $250 to $1,000.  If they pay it back in a timely fashion, they can receive a larger loan.  Through their second program, they provide tuition assistance to young people so that they go to college, trade school or medical school.  Finally, they provide hope for the future by helping the people to rebuild.  People can help "Servants For Haiti" by donating money, going on a work team, or holding or attending a fundraiser.  For additional information use or       The Rotary would also like to see a member or call 978-256-8772 for tickets ($25 each) for their Comedy Night on Friday October 26th at the Chelmsford Lodge of Elks.