ImageThe Chelmsford High School "Students of the Month" for October attended Monday's meeting of the Chelmsford Rotary Club and, after being introduced by Principal Caliri, made brief presentations.  Daniel Erdosy of Hawthorne House explained how his Hungarian heritage has greatly influenced his life.  Kaleigh Hoffmann, also of Hawthorne House, discussed how she has been influenced by her field hockey coach, Maura Devaney.  Ann Linn of Emerson House talked about how her love of music and the study of the violin has influenced her growth as a young woman.  Dan Nolan explained how Dr. Gilchrest said that he had the "heart of a runner" when he was a a baby and how that turned out to be true as he became an All-Conference runner and team captain.  Dan Pires of Whittier House explained how CHS helped him to become confident and how that helped him become a state diving champion and president of his class.  Kristen Young of Whittier House talked about trying a variety of sports and not finding success until she tried running.  She has become captain of the cross country team.  All six students stressed how a sense of family, outstanding teachers, and a variety of opportunities at CHS have benefitted them.